Warehouse Line Marking

Warehouse line Markings

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 About KVR Coating

KVR Coating are amongst the UK leading providers of internal and external floor marking for warehouses and distribution centres. We recognize the importance of an organised work environment, which is why we take our business serious. We have been in business now for 13 years. We have worked with a large range of different clients including the major retailer Marks and Spencers. Aswell as warehouse line marking we also provide line marking solutions to a large range of different working environments.

What is Warehouse Line Marking?

Warehouse line marking essentially is a painted surface laid out on the ground to mark a specific area. Line marking equipment and different paints are used to in the process so that the lines are created perfectly. High quality warehouse line markings paints are used so that they are durable and still remain of high quality years after the colouring sticks to the ground. There are many types of line flooring paints available. Which line marking paint is used, is dependant on the floor type as well as the needs of the customer. They also come in a large range of colours to choose from.

The Bottom Line

Warehouse line markings and floor coatings have been known to cause facility management bodies issues over the years due to poor workmanship. Here at KVR Coatings, we have an eye for detail and a roaring work ethic which is how we develop lasting relationships with our existing customers all the while building reputable relationships with new customers.

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With an eye for detail and a conscientious approach to health and safety: KVR Coatings are your one-stop-shop for warehouse line marking services.


Our warehouse line marking services comprise of:

  • Anti-Slip Walk Ways
  • Solid Floor Coatings
  • Healthy and Safety Walk Ways
  • forklift routes,
  • Interior warehouse line marking & coatings
  • racking markings,
  • speed restrictions
  • numbered pallet bay markings

And much more…

How can warehouse floor marking help your business?

Improved management

Before the line flooring is laid out, we will evaluate your warehouse to see exactly how we can help you to maximize the benefits of line marking painting. Warehouse line flooring is used for lots of various different needs. They can be used to mark where lorries can park and load/unload their goods. They can be used to mark areas for storage of goods. Warehouse line markings creates a highly organised workplace. Organisation in a large warehouse important as much confusion will arise otherwise.

Money saved

Line marking can help save a business money in the long run by creating a highly efficient and organised workplace. Time is therefore saved so productivity goes up saving your business money. Clear line marking lower the risks of compensation claims in case of an accident which can be costly and stressful for everyone involved.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a top priority for any organisation, so it is useful that warehouse line markings can help to create a safer work environment. For example safe walkways can be clearly marked to lower the risk of accidents occurring in the workplace. This helps improve employee well as well as creating a more relaxed working environment. Line marking can also be used to bring attention to fire exits in your warehouse and notify workers of areas of the warehouse that could be potentially dangerous.

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