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Line Marking Makes Supermarkets and Retail Shopping a Safer Place For Customers and Transport

Supermarkets, warehouses, car parks, walk ways including staff access areas usually experience traffic. It is for this reason that these and other areas need a reliable system to ease traffic flow when buildings experience constant heavy footfall. Line marking systems is one such system considered by many entities an ideal approach to organising people and/or vehicles.

Why is Line Marking an Important Aspect of a Supermarket Facility?

Any commercial building that carries pedestrianised and vehicle traffic need to conditioned to operate in a uniformed manner. This is because Health and Safety guidelines ensure accidents are prevented. Line marking is one of the only applications that replace human instruction and minimises risk.

Where can line marking be applied for a supermarket or retail outlet?

Line marking working very effectively for internal flooring and external. The thermoplastic resin is designed specifically to last anywhere up to 10 years on even heavy footfall terrain. Because of its surface durability, it makes an excellent application for:

  • Supermarket warehouses
  • Supermarket Distribution Centres
  • Supermarket Car Parks
  • Supermarket Loading Bays
  • Toilets
  • Disability Ramps

Supermarkets who have used KVR Marking Services

ASDA Distribution Centre | Washington

John Lewis Distribution Centre| Milton Keynes

Sainsburys Distribution Centre | Haydock, St Helens

Aldi Distribution Centre | Various Locations

What other flooring services can KVR Coatings supply for Retail and Supermarkets

KVR Coating help customers and clients by offering a number of resin flooring applications for internal premises. These resin surfaces means where floorspace carries a large amount of footfall by employee and customers, risk will be minimised significantly. Floor coatings available include

  • Resin
  • Anti Skid
  • Grip Systems
  • Anti Slip

Lettering Numbering and Stencilling Applications

Symbols including lettering and numbers provide visual instruction to people in large dimensional spaces, where information needs to be processed quickly. Distribution Centres for any commercial business will benefit from stencilling applications as this type of behaviour to follow letters, numbers and symbols is something humans are able to register quickly.

Supermarket car parks systems

One of the busiest transporting systems are supermarket carparks. Creating a operational systematic road system around the supermarket can be critical towards the behaviour of your customers experience. KVR Coatings has implemented multi way car park systems for a number of clients from car park bays, disability hatched areas and round about.

Car park applications include:

  • Give way signs
  • Shark teeth ramps
  • Personalised lettering & numbers
  • Road markings
  • Coloured zones