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Storage Distribution Flooring

KVR Coatings: Services that extend across industries

From providing storage distribution centre marking, through to covering safety line marking and finally on to warehouse line marking, we provide a wide and extensive range of services that span across industries where internal or external line markings and solid floorings are required.

Our years within the industry

We’ve worked within the industry from 1975, and over this time we’ve come to be recognised as industry leaders and the go-to experts for warehouse and factory based businesses that have demanding health and safety considerations, as well as the need for working areas that are efficiently defined for productive operations.

Storage Distribution Flooring: Health and safety considerations

The busy Storage Distribution centre or area must address a number of considerations when installing, re-coating or refreshing its Flooring; first there is the number of vehicles and people that use the area (and consequentially the way in which defined areas for each are essential); following this there must also be logical layouts that lend to both the long term storage set up, as well as to a storage area that may change in use over time. This is then rounded off by the logistics of product movement throughout your storage distribution centre, where we can provide consulting for ensuring that your storage methods and layouts are lending to optimal day to day performance.

Our Storage Distribution Flooring services: Placing your staff on sure footing

John Lewis Distribution Centre - Milton Keynes

The need for well-constructed flooring is essential for the very safety of your staff. Our services provide for non-slip flooring which can be designed in layouts and marked up with lines in ways that actually increases your productivity. However as the most basic starting point such flooring ensures that the potential for slips and trips are lessened (as well as the possibility of workers going on to claim compensation for such trips and slips).

With our Storage Distribution Flooring your staff are safe, and your work operations are improved.

Our processes: Laying out your needs before laying so much as a single line

We appreciate the complex needs of the average work area for effective Storage Distribution Flooring and we know that no two businesses are the same. For this reason even before we lay out any flooring or paint a single line, we take the time to appreciate the way in which your storage distribution centre works. We mark up where there are park areas, lorry movements, staff walkways and various storage areas and we consult with you to ensure that we fully grasp just how it is that you operate.

Your storage distribution flooring – Let’s talk

Whether you’re looking for distribution centre marking, safety line marking or flooring for your busy storage distribution area, we can help.
Our team will talk you through your options and arrange to provide a quote that is always free from obligation and delivered by a rep who never pressurises.

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