Road line marking is a type of material that is usually used for road surfaces so that it can provide information to drivers and cyclists. They also can be used in other places such as car parks, and other places of use.

Road line markings are mostly used on roadways to give information and guidance to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Road line uniformity is very important in reducing confusion and peoples uncertainty of what it means. Road line markings can vary depending on country or area they may have a specify type of road line marking in a much different way.

Road line markings can be used to help inform drivers , cyclists and pedestrians and also can be used to make noise when a driver has crossed over the line in case they have fallen asleep at the wheel, in an attempt to wake them up, these are normally installed near the hard shoulder of motorways and if you have ever driven over one you may have encountered the loud vibrating noise . Road line markings can also help indicate where to park and stop.

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