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Welcome to KVR Coatings; the UK’s leading line marking specialists offering bespoke services at very competitive prices.

Here at KVR Coatings, we serve a wealth of clients bespoke line marking services from football pitch line markings to distribution centre line markings: and everything in between!

Established in 1975, we have a very impressive 30 years’ experience in line marking practices and a constantly adaptive approach to service enhancing line marking technologies: which is why we’re the best.

Operating right around the UK: we’re able to apply and remove line markings across the country accurately, precisely and professionally!

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What kinds of line marking paints do I need?

Line marking paints come in a variety of forms dependant on the surfaces we’ll be marking.

In the modern day, floor marking paints come in a range of colours and blends to best fit both internal and external surfaces.

Before line marking paints became advanced, floor marking tapes we’re very popular. Today,tape floor markings are becoming less and less popular as more and more people look for permanent floor marking solutions for their cost efficiency and longevity benefits.

There are a variety of paint types we can use when floor marking and are able to offer expert advice during the quotation and consultation process to ensure you’re receiving the best line marking paint products available to you which interlink with your price range and the surfaces we’ll be marking.

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What’s Thermoplastic Line Marking?

Thermoplastic line markings are one of the most common line marking practices used in the industry today. Recommended for outdoor use; thermoplastic line marking creates a crack resistant marking which is great for durability and is renowned for its hard wearing qualities.

Thermoplastic markings are also great for enhancing night time visibility with its reflective attributes. Here at KVR Coatings, we invest in state of the art line marking technologies which is why no job is too complex for our experienced, professional team.

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What’s Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy floor coatings and line markings are one of the latest line marking materials in the industry renowned for both durability and hard wearing benefits often used for both industrial and commercial floorings.

These particular form of floor coatings are predominantly recommended for covering concrete floors as they’re renowned for providing high performance, attractive surfaces.

Here at KVR Coatings, our epoxy line markings are completed by experienced floor coating experts who’re able to complete line marking activities in record time causing minimal disruptions in your workplace.

Why Line Marking is Becoming Ever More Important in Today’s Business

Health and safety regulations in the workplace are becoming increasingly important as the level of workplace injury claims are rocketing.

As more and more companies realise they could be liable for certain workplace injuries, they’re realising how prevention is much better than cure hence a close attention to health and safety is becoming ever-more apparent.

Line markings are often carried out in hazardous workplaces and are used to mark authorised and unauthorised access points with sheer clarity.

The benefit of which being a clear understanding of where employees are allowed to access and where they aren’t.

Floor markings are commonly used in the public sector to ensure health and safety measures are clearly enforced. For example, train stations, bus stations, library’s and school playgrounds are among many public sector areas where floor markings are imperative to ensure health and safety is maintained.