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Internal & External Line Marking, Line Removal & Grip Systems Scotland

Customised Spray Stenciling Scotland and Numbers & Lettering Stenciling Scotland are two services which can help communicate any message. These can be used in car parks, city centres, playgrounds, and business estates, to name a few.

Playground & School Line Markings Scotland are essential for keeping children, families, teachers and local pedestrians safe around school areas. Using the aforementioned stenciling services, you will be able to communicate the exact messages to guarantee safety. This isnt even including floor line marking services for both internal and external settings.

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We are specialist suppliers and installers of Chemical Resistant Flooring and Pharmaceutical Flooring. Based in the North West England, KVR Coatings, a division of K.V. Roscoe & Son Ltd, has been installing floors & Line marking nationwide, including Scotland.

Line Marking Scotland
Line Marking Scotland

Areas We Cover In Scotland

Scotland, the northern third of the UK, is a country known for its two major cities, Edinburgh, the capital city, and Glasgow, cities of culture, history and tourism. KVR Coatings cover the whole of Scotland, aiming to brighten up every commercial car park, covering all of your required line marking and floor marking services.

Case Study: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with KVR Coatings in Scotland

A major logistics company in Scotland faced significant challenges in maintaining clear and durable road markings across their extensive distribution centre. With frequent vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the existing markings had deteriorated, thus leading to safety concerns and operational inefficiencies. The company sought a reliable solution and turned to KVR Coatings, renowned line marking contractors Scotland.

The primary objectives were to enhance safety by improving visibility of road markings and streamline traffic flow within the distribution centre. This required precise, high-quality markings that could withstand heavy use and the harsh Scottish weather. The project encompassed marking loading bays, pedestrian walkways, and parking areas, so necessitates compliance with all relevant safety regulations.



  • KVR Coatings, one of the leading road marking companies Scotland, deployed a skilled team to develop a comprehensive marking plan. Utilising advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, the team ensured the application of long-lasting, highly visible road markings. The project included:
  • Loading Bays: Clear lines were marked to designate loading and unloading zones, so enhances safety for drivers and workers.
  • Pedestrian Walkways: Bright, non-slip markings were applied to create safe pedestrian pathways, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Parking Areas: Optimised parking layouts were designed and marked, maximising space utilisation and improving traffic flow.



The newly applied road markings significantly improved safety and operational efficiency. The clear, well-defined lines helped prevent accidents, while the optimised layout facilitated smoother vehicle and pedestrian movement.

The use of high-quality, weather-resistant materials ensured the longevity of the markings, so reduces the need for frequent maintenance. They noted a marked improvement in safety and operational efficiency. As a result, this attributes to positive changes thanks to the line marking contractors Scotland services provided by KVR Coatings.

We offer an all-in-one solution to a variety of organisations in all counties! We are able to service all Scotland’s counties:

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Line Marking Scotland

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Line Marking Scotland

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Line Marking Scotland

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