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Line Marking Makes our Hospitals a Safer Place

Getting round safely when commuting between destinations whether its using transportation or walking, people need boundaries and rules on the roads in order to stay safe from accidents and injury. As well as pedestrianised pavements we also have cycle lanes and bus lanes. The most efficient way to define boundaries is to implement line marking services.

Why Are Line Markings So Important?

Health and safety guidelines, safety inspections have been the lifeblood to preventing accidents in the workplace since 1974 when it was introduced. Accidents occur in the workplace for various reasons, but for the larger high risk manufacturing and distribution industry, line marketing is paramount to uphold your safety certificates.

Walking in a conformed and pedestrianised manner has become an important part of life. One place where this system matters is hospital premises. Inside a hospital hundreds of people pass through everyday, where by people have various levels of injury which can affect them to walk or move freely. Besides people, there are many different objects that are wheeled through a hospital to deliver of assist everyday patients. Internal flooring for hospitals ensures highest levels of hygiene using a polyurethane screed which also provides a chemical resistant surface.

What Can Epoxy Floor Coatings Be Used For?

At KVR Coatings our internal resin floor coating services stem across a wide range of building facilities.

  • Hospital Walkways
  • Patient Wards
  • Hospital Waiting Areas
  • Surgeries
  • Operation Rooms
  • Consultation Room And Areas
  • Wet Room Floors
  • Patient medical Centres

Why Do Hospitals Require An Epoxy Floor Coating?

In hospital facilities, resin and anti slip floor coatings are inherently important to sustaining an all above board safety record. Hospitals carry a huge amount of footfall on a daily basis and round the clock with not only staff, but injured members of the public attending medical attention. Its only purpose is to serve those who require medical attention not be a victim of an injury taking place. Not only do people need to stay safe when walking throughout a hospital but with hospital beds, wheelchairs and wheel based apparatus, resin flooring is the only prevention able to perform such non slip requirements.

Where Can Line Marking Be Applied In Hospital Grounds?

Hospitals are one of the largest public used buildings and because of the nature hospitals are in existence for, parking facilitates have become a requirement that can be easily managed by line marking which can be applied onto any outdoor service.

Employee & Visitor Car Parking

  • Road line marking is most common to aid car parking designated bays to facilitate employers and patient visitor parking. Some hospitals now accommodate bus services where line marking helps to assign bus pick up and drop of zones around the hospital grounds. Number and Lettering stencilling also facilitates car parking bays in hospital grounds aiding vehicle owners to help navigate their parked car on multi storey and vast car park facilities.

Ambulance Zones

  • Hospitals also require zone access for Ambulances in a number of hospital locations, to ensure anyone visiting the hospital, do not use or abuse designated spots for waiting or parking.

Drop Off & Short Stay Parking

  • Drop off points and short stay car park facilities are also common across hospitals which differentiate parking amenities available for appointment based visits.

What Is Anti Skid Grip System Flooring Coating?

Anti Skid grip flooring application is different from epoxy floor coatings and is an aggregate that is long lasting and extremely hard wearing against all types of weather conditions. This anti skid flooring product caters particular well in hospital and medical facilities.

At KVR Coatings we have installed this slip resistant flooring for:

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Car Park Ramps
  • Multi Storey Car Parks
  • Entrance Ramps
  • Steps
  • Loading Bays
  • Bridges