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Specialist Floor Line Marking Contractors in the UK

Warehouses and industrial units are busy places where traffic can be disorderly. Floor marking, therefore, makes these areas more functional and less hazardous. As specialist floor line marking contractors, we understand the premium attached to workplace safety. In addition to convenience and organisational productivity in large commercial and industrial facilities.
In short, it is time to bring that much-needed organisation to hectic supply and loading areas. Waste less time and create peace of mind with our floor line marking services. Even during the installation service, there will be minimal disruptions or limited access.
Having cohesive floor linings in your warehouses is vital, so invest with a professional company. KVR are floor line specialists covering many different business environments, from retail to garages.
Most importantly, the KVR Coatings team will ensure that your floor markings follow the regulations of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. There are many different colours to choose from – no matter your needs; we can cover it. You will invest in visibility, high quality and longevity with our floor line services.
Specialist Floor Line Markings Contractors in the UK

Our Floor Marking Services

At KVR Coatings, we are one of the leading floor marking companies in the UK, thus offering a wide array of floor marking services.
We use slip-resistant thermoplastic and brightly coloured paints to render signs, symbols, and safety lines in bright visible shapes, patterns, and distinct colours on the surfaces to give staff and workers on your site a clear direction of travel, thus preventing collisions and locating units without difficulty.
We work as floor stripping contractors to remove old, worn-out floor line markings before applying new surface marking for much better and more durable results. To achieve effective and long-lasting floor marking, we also use specialised floor tape made from high-quality vinyl to demarcate areas like pathways, lanes, aisles, work cells, storage spaces, inspection areas, entrances, and exits to improve the traffic flow.
In short, we are the preferred internal line marking contractors for numerous North West and nationwide clients. Here’s why:
  • We have 47 years of industry experience behind us.
  • Our trained and licensed technicians diligently comply with all protocols, regulations, and client guidelines.
  • We only use superior-grade materials and the best tools and techniques. As a result, our floor lines and patterns improve efficiency and workplace traffic while lasting longer, even in high-traffic zones.
Need a reliable contractor for your floor marking project? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

Internal Line Marking Services

Floor Line Marking

Floor Line Marking

firedoor markings floor line marking

Fire Door Markings

flt parking floor line marking

FLT Parking

hatched boxes floor line marking

Hatched Boxes

lettering floor line marking


marshalling lanes floor line marking

Marshalling Lanes

numbering floor line marking


pallet locations floor line marking

Pallet Locations

roadway floor line marking

Roadway Line Marking

walkways floor line marking


warehouse guiding systems floor line marking

Warehouse Guiding Systems

Warehouse floor line marking

Warehouse Line Marking

zebra crossings floor line marking

Zebra Crossings

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