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Specialist Floor Fire Door Markings in the UK

Fire Door Markings are an essential component of fire safety measures in buildings. These markings provide crucial information about the fire resistance and performance of the doors. This is because we ensure the safety of occupants and allow for effective evacuation during emergencies.
KVR Coatings will explore the significance of our line marking services and their role in maintaining a secure environment. We have carried out these services for many years, including other internal line marking services.
This serves as a means of communication, conveying vital information to building occupants and emergency responders. The markings typically consist of symbols, signs, and labels that indicate the fire rating, fire resistance period, manufacturer details, and other relevant specifications. This information helps individuals make informed decisions during an emergency.
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What do these Fire Door Markings do?

One of the most important aspects indicated by fire door markings is the fire rating. Fire-rated doors are designed to withstand fire for a specific period, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and preventing the spread of flames and smoke.
The fire rating is usually denoted by a numerical value of 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. These indicate the duration for which the door can withstand fire. Furthermore, these often include the manufacturer’s details and certification marks.
These markings provide essential information about the door’s origin, including the manufacturer’s name, contact details, and relevant certifications or approvals. They prove that the door has been tested and meets the requirements for fire resistance.

What else do I need to know about Fire Door Markings?

Fire door markings are typically standardised to ensure consistency and ease of understanding. These standards may vary depending on the country or region but generally follow recognised guidelines and codes. In many cases, these markings are regulated by local fire authorities or building codes, and failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties or compromised safety.
In addition to fire resistance and manufacturer details, our marking services may include signs indicating the door’s intended use and restrictions. For example, some fire doors are designated as “emergency exits only” or “keep closed,” emphasising the need to keep the door shut to prevent fire and smoke. These signs are crucial in guiding individuals during an emergency and ensuring that the doors are used appropriately.
Regular inspection and maintenance of emergency door systems are crucial to ensure their effectiveness and legibility. Over time, markings may fade, become damaged, or be obscured by dirt or paint. This is where KVR Coatings come in to play, to go over or replace yours today.




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