External Line Marking - Thermoplastic Line Marking Contractors

External Line Marking & Car park Line Marking and Surface Coatings Covering the UK

  • Car Parking Line Marking
  • Disabled Car Park Markings and Disabled symbol
  • Walkways & Walking Person Logos
  • Railway Stations Platform Line Marking
  • School Playgrounds Markings
  • Sports Pitch Line Markings
  • Airfield Line Markings
  • Customised Spray Stencilling
  • Numbers & Lettering Stenciling
  • Fire Exit & Fire Point Line Marking
  • Hatching & Cross Hatched Line Marking
  • Stair Nosing’s painted to DDA specification
  • Line Marking Removal
  • Anti-skid surfaces

Road Grade Epoxy & Acrylic Line Marking:

Road Grade Epoxy & Acrylic line markings are a one component system offering excellent durability, and good adhesion is an ideal solution to heavy trafficked concrete or Block paved substrate externally. Road Grade Paint Systems are also the only solution for block paving. This type of road grade marking is very durable and can last from 2 – 5 years depending upon the amount of traffic that drives over the markings.

Thermoplastic Line Marking:

KVR Coatings has just taken delivery of the WORLDS FIRST – Graco ThermoLaser ProMelt Road Striping System. The world’s first fast-melt, onboard hardliner thermoplastic striping system.

“The ThermoLaser ProMelt System gives contractors like KVR Coatings what they’ve been asking for – a fast, safe, easier way to melt thermoplastic and increase productivity. We believe the ThermoLaser ProMelt System will become the new industry standard for thermoplastic line Marking.”
Thermoplastic line markings are hard synthetic resins of hydrocarbon bases which melt when heated. They are applied at temperatures approaching 220°C and melt into the asphalt surface. Thermoplastics are NOT recommended for application on concrete because they rely on the heating and melting of the road surface for adhesion. This type of pavement marking is very durable and can last from 2 – 5 years depending upon the amount of traffic that drives over the trademarks.

If you take the advice of KVR Coatings and choose a suitable product, and ensure that surfaces are suitably prepared you will get the best from the product chosen.


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