About KVR Coating

We are considered as an industry leading provider of both internal and external line marking for warehouses and distribution centres of all shapes and sizes and across all industry types. Since 1975 we have been making areas safer and aiding in operations that can be undertaken more quickly. In specific relation to the needs of the busy distribution centre we can help you in choosing the correct floor coating (or repairing or refreshing of old coatings) and achieve an effective space that can increase productivity and health and safety levels whilst reducing the need for time consuming maintenance.

Can you afford not to opt for effective Distribution Centre Flooring?

Line marking and appropriate flooring coverings are not only essential for maintaining health and safety, but moreover can actually serve to save a business money. It does this through creating workspaces that operate at optimal efficiency and for the distribution centre where complex logistics must be accommodated (which may change day upon day) this can be essential.
Clear markings with firm, non-slip flooring, also help in keeping your workers safe, reducing the possibilities of an accident and consequently lowering the chance of compensations cases being made against you.

Our line marking services – Going beyond distribution centre flooring…

Our years of experience go beyond distribution centre marking through to all manner of industries that require solid, hard wearing safety line marking. Specifically we additionally cover:

The demanding needs of the average distribution centre

Distribution centres are busy locations which may be subject to both significant footfall from loading, warehouse and driving staff, as well as from vehicles such as lorries and forklift trucks.

Such centres must be equipped with the right tools to undertake day to day activities safely and they must be designed in such a way that items can be loaded and unloaded efficiently all whilst lending to optimal levels of health and safety with pre-defined walkways and with all areas covered by robust non-slip flooring.

From this comprehensive job description for the average distribution centre flooring it’s easy to see just how robust, well designed and precision marked such flooring must be.

Health and safety: Regulations that we know inside out

It’s our job to improve health and safety around the workplace and an important role of ours is then to have a solid grasp upon just how such workplaces operate. For this reason our clients are provided with peace of mind that we have covered almost every warehouse line marking and distribution centre flooring project imaginable, and throughout which have built up a solid portfolio of happy clients who reap the benefits of effective flooring and line markings.

Let’s talk - Whatever your line marking needs

Our years within the industry have seen us cover all manner of industries, flooring projects and specific design needs. So if you’re ready to talk to the industry experts then get in touch, our team are ready to take your call and provide you with a quote that is completely free from obligation or pressure. Call on 01942 677 116 or email on enquiries@kvr-coatings.co.uk or head on over to our contact page and send us a message.