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Who can do car park line markings?

Car park line marking can consist of yellow lines, white lines and coloured markings are all markings we commonly see in parking areas. There are thousands of painted lines and symbols used in public and private spaces mainly for cars and other transport. Known as boundary identification, line painting adheres to strict guidelines governed by councils especially.

How are car park markings applied?

Preparation is essential to executing car park markings. Dust is the biggest challenge to combat in the line marking industry. With the recent investment into new high-tech equipment of a new Contec shot blaster and with the 415v 3 phase industrial vacuum, we have been able to operate in a virtually dust-free environment on projects. KVR Coatings use Carbon friendly generators which are required to clean the floor surfaces prior to any coatings being applied. The paint is incredibly hard wearing made of chemical resistant components known as thermoplastic and should last approximately 5 years before it may require a new application.

Car park stencilling:

Having worked for many private car parking companies and businesses with private parking facilities, it is becoming ever more apparent that our customers required bespoke logo markings and boundary identification. In 2013, we invested in our car park line marking equipment and now use high spec cutting technology to create numerical, lettering and logo stencilling allowing customers to choose their logo and line stencilling preferences.