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Brewery and Dairy Flooring

About KVR Coating

KVR Coating is a specialist line marking company based in Wigan with many years of experience. We work on all kinds of projects ranging from indoor to external line marking. One industry we are particularly immersed in, is brewery and dairy line flooring. We have provided line marking services for a range of companies from SMEs to large retailers. We will always tailor our product to your individual companies need.

What is Line Marking

Line marking is where  specialist paint is laid out on the ground to mark specific areas for directional purposes. Specialist lining equipment is used to make sure the lines are perfect and of high quality. The best paints are used to ensure that they do not wear out over time and keep the same brightness etc. The type of paint used will be dependant on the surface and the needs of your business.

Improved Management

Line flooring can be great for structuring and managing your business. Line marking provide clear guidelines that can alter employee behaviour. For example the car park of your brewery can be painted to mark out the different types of car spaces available. Such as private parking, disabled parking and no parking zones. They can mark out specific areas of your business so your staff become more organised. Yellow and red painted line marking can carry instructional verbal messages such as “Enter” or “Exit”.


Paint flooring is a great way to improve the safety of your business. Every business is concerned about the healthy and safety of their employees. Line marking can provide written messages as mentioned earlier to deliver clear messages such as “fire exit”. All employees should know where the fire exits are in case of an emergency. The line flooring will help bring attention to these important alternative exits to your premises. Line marking can ensure that designated safe walk zones area clearly walked out for employees. If there are any potential dangerous areas of your business such as equipment or movement of traffic, the walk zones will ensure that the employee will be safe.

Money saved

Line Marking can save yourself money in the long run. Line marking ensures a highly efficient and productive working place. Line marking lowers the risk of accidents, so there will be less chance of lawsuits and compensation claims.

Customer service

Here at KVR Coating, we go to great efforts to ensure the highest quality of work is carried out, which is why so many of our clients are so pleased with the jobs that we do. Our customer services team will deal with your enquiries diligently and professionally to ensure that your needs are taken care off.

If you would like more information about line flooring for your dairy or brewery, then please contact a member of staff on 01942 677 166.