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Why’s Accurate Internal Line Marking Important?

Internal line marking is something we see almost everyday; we’re just so used to it, we don’t tend to notice.

It’s become one of those things in life where once the lines have been placed, they’re just taken for granted: unless laughable line marking mistakes are made.

Often, people have a laid-back attitude to line markings thinking as long as the job looks good to the untrained eye then that’s all that’s required.

Here at KVR Coatings, we take pride in our work and feel it’s very important to ensure all line markings completed under our name is carried out accurately. There are many circumstances when line marking, where great precision can prove vital if the markings are to properly serve their purpose.


warehouse line markingMany businesses and facilities, cut corners when it comes to line marking, often asking maintenance staff to complete line markings on their premises.

What many fail to realise is how line marking is a skill and best results are shown when completed professionally.

Sometimes, what looks “good enough” to one pair of eyes doesn’t always mean the completed task is fit for its purpose.

Sometimes mistakes can be minor where a line is not quite parallel with another or isn’t lined up 100% accurately straight.

Often, many seem to struggle creating clean crisp corners in their line markings or achieving that smooth bend often seen on basket ball courts.

Hiring professional line marking services ensures your markings are long lasting and completed professionally to a very high standard.

Sporting Facilities

sports hall line markingLine markings are commonly used in both internal and external sports facilities as we ‘re able to lay a range of sport courts on a single floor space making these spaces multi functional. These kinds of line markings are commonly sourced in schools, parks and outdoor pitches.

Improper, inaccurate line markings can have a noticeable impact upon the outcome of a sports game allowing unfair advantages and unfair results. This, to some, may not seem like a huge issue however, if noticed can cause a detrimental effect in terms of business as sports hall users may stop using your particular venue since it’s having an effect on the performances of teams.

The lines of a sports court serve important purposes, and an inch or two of inaccuracy has been known to make all the difference – particularly within certain sports. Tennis is a very good example of this. In order to score a point, the ball must land within the lines. Both casual and competitive tennis players have undoubtedly seen cases of a ball landing just in, on or outside the marked boundaries.

If the line markings in your sports courts are slightly wonky or strays to one side, it’s causing unfair advantages in a game which could result in business losses.

Make sure your sports hall is fit for purpose with KVR Coatings by investing in quality, durable line marking services today. For more information, see our galleries or call us direct on: (Insert number)


KMF Sheet Metal

Another major use for internal line markings are to meet health and safety standards in certain workplaces or organisations.

Line markings laid to enforce health and safety measures are commonly found in warehouses, industrial sites and spaces open to the public.

Inaccurate line markings in these settings can potentially compromise their purpose of protecting employee and general public safety.
Lines designed to mark the minimum distance people must keep from potential hazards may not mark distances properly and accurately at all points.

If this is the case and an employee or member of the public becomes injured you may be liable which is why it’s important to ensure all line markings completed are vibrant, clear and accurately laid.

Why Choose KVR Coatings?

Here at KVR Coatings we employ a range of specialist techniques in our line marking services which ensures your line markings are long lasting, durable and well presented.

Designed to achieve high performance levels, vibrancy and longevity, the paints we invest in here at KVR Coatings are the best in the industry.

External Line Marking Services

Here at KVR Coatings, we offer a range of external line marking techniques alongside carefully chosen particular line marking paints: specifically designed to suit our clients differing needs.

We have a wealth of experience serving quality line marking services to a range of external spaces including: car park line markings, platform line markings (railway stations), school play ground line markings, walk way line markings, health and safety line markings (fire assembly points etc), air field line markings and many, many more.

Here at KVR Coatings, we’re committed to ensuring every clients initial specifications are accurately adhered to hence why we employ one or a combination of the following techniques in order to achieve best results.

Acrylic Line Marking/Road Grade Epoxy

Offering excellent durability and good adhesion qualities; Road Grade Epoxy & Acrylic line markings are a strongly recommended line marking solution for concrete or block paved surfaces.

Typically lasting anywhere between 2-5 years (dependant on how often traffic drives over these line markings) Road Grade Paint Systems are a singular line marking solution for block paving and is renowned for it’s durable qualities.

For more information surrounding our Acrylic Line Marking and Road Grade Expoxy line marking services, contact KVR Coatings direct today via phone: 01942 677116 or via email: [email protected]

Thermoplastic Line Marking Solutions

Here at KVR Coatings, we also offer Thermoplastic Line Marking services. This particular technique is best known as the worlds first tested and perfected fast-melt thermoplastic line marking system.

Thermoplastic line markings are hard-wearing resins of hydrocarbon bases which melt when pressured by heat.

Thermoplastic line marking machines heat to temperatures reaching 220°C and are best suited to most external surfaces with the acceptance of concrete surfaces. One of the main benefits when using the thermoplastic technique is its durable qualities lasting anywhere between 2-5 years.

For more information on the workings of thermoplastic line marking solutions, contact KVR Coatings direct on 01942 677116 or alternatively contact us via email at [email protected].

Internal Line Marking Services

When completing internal line markings, it’s important the tasks completed professionally, neatly and clearly.

When undertaking internal line markings, here at KVR Coatings, we take particular specific approaches to all line markings which are tried, tested and perfected to best suit our clients specific needs.

Here at KVR Coatings we house a wealth of knowledge and expertise in line markings in a range of enterprises including; Warehouses, sports halls, supermarkets, shopping centres and many more.

For information, queries and quotes surrounding any of our line marking services, contact us direct via phone on: 01942 677116 or, alternatively email us at: [email protected]