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Line Marking Makes Our Roads and Motorways A Safer Place

We have an incredibly long history in this field having been operating from our base in the North West for in excess of 36 years. We supply and install all of your line marking needs anywhere in the country. We can produce any type of line marking on just about any surface from block paving to concrete and other surfaces including asphalt and tarmac. There is a seemingly endless array of floor marking types suitable for any situation.

Look Around and We Have Painted White Lines and Markings Just About Everywhere

Health and safety guidelines state that public areas and large business premises such as car parks, warehouses, school playgrounds should be marked with lines. This allows people to identify areas that are safe to walk in. Here are just a few services we provide line marking to:

We Are Qualified Line and Coating Specialists

We are the proud holders of all the required certifications for meeting quality standards both in fitting resin floors and any type of floor marking. Health and safety requirements are a necessity in modern day working conditions and help to provide a duty of care for people walking around buildings safely. This avoids confusion and frustration in both workers and the public in areas where hazards can appear.

Professional Is In Our Name

Working with airports and football stadiums, breweries and supermarkets has meant that our work has been our reputation. Every flooring is different and even if you need flooring relayed, we will remove it for you first. For example, a simple car park layout, if not carried out correctly can result in less cars fitting into the same amount of floor space. This in turn can mean fewer parking spaces, fewer clients and a loss of revenue.

With well over three decades of experience we know what needs to be done both legally and commercially in order to keep everybody safe and keep machinery and people moving. A well laid out warehouse floor marking system makes movement flow more easily keeping all employees safe while at the same time maximising productivity.

From Line Marking To Floor Markings

Our floor markings have been employed to create psychological barriers such as to divide hazardous, non-hazardous areas, individual workstation areas or indicating the most direct route to specific areas of the building.

What Other Line Marking Services Do We Offer?

For larger sites road line style markings can be used to control the flow of traffic or to separate pedestrians from vehicles. You can also create what is known as a “hatched area” where heavy machinery for vehicles may be operating. They can separate public areas from places where only employees are permitted, avoiding potential litigation issues.

  • Disabled Car Park Markings and Disabled symbol
  • Warehouse Line Markings
  • Marshalling Lanes
  • Pallet lane Line Markings
  • Walkways &Walking Person Logos
  • Railway Stations Platform Line Marking
  • School Playgrounds
  • Airfield Line Markings
  • Numbers &Lettering Stencilling
  • Fire Exit &Fire Point
  • Fork Truck Symbols
  • Hatching &Cross Hatched
  • Resprays
  • Stair Nosings painted to DDA specification
  • Vehicle Inspection Pit Safety Markings
  • Line Marking Removal
  • Anti skid surfaces

"Above all, professional line marking techniques are highly cost-effective in the quality of health and safety implementation and employee efficiency they can provide. At KVR Coatings, we are an extremely well established and respected company who have the expertise to assist you to ensure you meet all regulations as well as the most effective use of open areas. Contact us today to see how we can tailor make a solution for your situation."

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Conforming to Health &Safety

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